20+ Simple And Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas (Low Maintenance)


Front Yard Landscaping Ideas – The front yard says a lot about the homeowner, a well-kept nicely landscaped front yard means an owner that sees to it, one that offers to his guests, to pedestrians and the entire community something that they`ll enjoy, something emphasizing the environment, a beautiful front yard.

The space in front yards differs and there are some which seem too small to be landscaped and yet some succeed beautifully even with the smallest plots. A list of small front yard landscaping ideas has been built to aid you in creating something lovely, a beautiful first impression for guests, family, friends and pedestrians alike.

20+ Simple And Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Bring On The Greens For Display

source: www.tobuildagarden.com

Green is a color that is ever so common in gardens and yards that never goes out of style. Whether it’s the grass, brush or trees, the different hues of green create a lovely background for flowers of strong and dainty colors. Green is also fresh, relaxing for one`s eyes and mind.

Colorful Succulents On Display

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While others prefer larger plants, colorful succulents are options that will brighten up a small front yard. Displaying a mix of colorful succulents on a decorative pot brings color to the usual green front yard. Succulents are also relatively easy to maintain and can be transferred to different pots and plant boxes easily.

Fill In The Grass For The Perfect Lawn

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A perfect lawn can create a lovely backdrop for other plants as well as other decorations for the front yard. The solid green of the grass can help other colors pop from the rest of the display in the front yard. A clean lawn also makes the front yard more attractive even when it is smaller than other usual yards.

Bring In The Big Bromeliad For The Landscape

source: glamshelf.com

Small front yards do not equal small plants. Small front yard landscaping can make use of larger, ornamental plants, giving an illusion of an extensive space. Bromeliads are ornamental plants big and colorful enough for creating this pleasant small front yard landscaping.

Creative Garden Edging

source: www.guidinghome.com

Landscaping smaller yards can have an advantage especially since edging will also be easier to design and will only require a few items to create a stunning clean effect.

Taking Advantages On Plant Boxes

source: www.remodelaholic.com

When the front yard is a little too small, plant boxes will come in handy when landscaping. This will add a little layering effect to the front yard rather than just having the landscape on the ground. The dainty flowering plants create a dreamy effect on the plant box setup.

Creating Art In Small Front Yard Landscaping

source: www.notey.com

Curves and swirls in different colored stones and textures create a stunning effect on a small backyard. The different plants scattered within the patch of swirls and curves create the perfect bed for the landscape. This landscaping is common for most Japanese gardens and has caught much attention in today’s trends.

Stepping Stones and Pavers

We’ve seen a move away from solid pavements and a favor towards cut out pavers lining pathways, interspersed with round stones.

Cinder Blocks Garden

Gardening is still relevant to front yards, although in a more restrained fashion. This cute block gardening provides an interesting dimension to your front yard.

Lighted Pathways

Lighting pathways define and enhance the design of your front yard. It is also sensible and attractive.

Stone and Wood

Back to the basics. Rough stone and wood planks give the stark lines of modern front yards a defining character.

Terraced Gardening

Do not let an inclined frontage prevent you from creating an eye-catching front garden. Make it work for your space like this terraced garden.

Xeriscape Feature

An eye-catching xeriscape feature will make a perfect focal point for your front yard.

Wood and Bamboo Front

Basic, classic, and minimalist.

Four Seasons Garden

Introduce the colors of the four seasons with a vibrant garden.

Garden Water Feature

Transform an innocuous garden faucet into a stunning and creative water feature. Still serves the purpose but in a whole new wonderful package.

Corner Gardening

Dedicate one corner of the yard for flower gardening. This option keeps most of the yard sparse and clutter-free while creating an interesting corner.

No-Flower Garden

Very common to modern front yards is the absence of flowering plants.

A Grassy Perfection

This great assortment of grass brings the wild beauty of the grasslands. Keep your garden maintained as this style can easily look unkempt.

Creative Lighting

Forget the poles, colored fairy lights, and spotlights. Modern garden lights are bold and innovative.

Steps and Lights

This style is ideal for steep front curbs. Random steps of different shapes are highlighted and interspersed with pocket gardens. The modern house number serves as a nice focal point.

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