4 White Kitchen Ideas That Bring You Positive Vibes


What to do if you want your small kitchen look more spacious? Besides not putting too much stuff in the kitchen, you must play with the colors. For example, by applying one of these white kitchen ideas.

White and the other bright colors will make the room wider. It also gives the illusion that your kitchen is brighter and cleaner. So, if you want your tiny kitchen doesn’t too look boring and narrow, then applying white kitchen ideas is the best thing that you can do.

So, if you are one of them who want to get this timeless theme, these are some white kitchen ideas that you can easily use.

1. Modern and Chic Gramercy Park Kitchen


As a place known for its modernity and vibrant ambiance, Gramercy Park of New York offers you modern style in anything, from the hotel, restaurants, until the kitchen’s apartment as you can see above.

The white kitchen cabinets have a compact design as well as the kitchen island to make the room looks simple and chic. Not many decorations added in this kitchen and the floor is made from high-quality ceramics so that we can keep the simplicity.

Even more, the room will also look wider than it should be.

2. A Semi-Traditional White Kitchen


Give your kitchen a natural touch with this traditional white kitchen idea. The high ceiling makes the kitchen looks more spacious.

There is also some baskets above the kitchen set that enhances the traditional nuance of the kitchen. To add the touch of modernity to this kitchen, you can put these things:

  • The pendant lights installed above the kitchen island
  • Marble for the top of the kitchen island
  • Some minimalist windows
  • Microwave and refrigerator made from steel

3. The 60s White Kitchen Idea


Another great small kitchen ideas with white color are this 60s looks kitchen theme. The simplicity comes from the compact cabinets and the sink.

To balance those simple pieces of equipment and to enhance the old-school looks, the backsplash is made from white ceramics. There is also the antique candle-light holder and antique spotlight to enhance this old-style.

Make this 60s theme kitchen more classic by using the patterned ceramics in the floor. Not only antique, this patterned ceramics are also durable.

4. Bright and Airy White


Nothing can increase your cooking mood except a bright kitchen. Especially if the air circulation were good. You won’t feel stifled when you were cooking in the kitchen.

These Georgian Style windows and doors make the light easily enter the room and make it look wider and fresh. The floor is made from dark wood to balance the white colors that surround the kitchen.

This is a good combination because if you use the white ceramics, the kitchen will look too shiny and it is not so good for your eyes. Adding some colorful flower pots and patterned chairs is also a good choice to make this kitchen more alive.

But, remember to put only the small pots and the single pattern chairs.

These white kitchen ideas convince us that white color is the best color that you can choose. But, remember to clean the kitchen regularly once you choose the white colors, so your kitchen won’t look dirty and dull.

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